About Us
It all started with several local doodle owners finding out about the Doodles
In Dewey romp in April 2006 (organized by Amy Scott).  Quite a few
people from the Annapolis area went to the romp, and a few others were on
the email list for the Dewey Beach romp.

After the fun time had at the romp in Dewey Beach, Lisa emailed the
Dewey Beach email group to locate any local people who wanted to come
together for a doodle "play date".

The first romp was a chilly, misty day.  Great for doodles, but not so
appealing for their people.  Four doodles attended on that day.  It was
decided to try to set up another romp for the next month.  Eight doodles
attended that one.  At each romp, the number of attending doodles increased.

The intention was not originally to have an organized group.  It was just a
way to get together with other doodle owners and to meet other doodles.  It
gained momentum rapidly, and started becoming a planned monthly event.

Lisa started the website in February 2007 because it was hard getting romp
notices posted regularly on other sites, as well as pictures.  It also became
harder to circulate the many photos to all the romp participants.  The
website provides a public photo album for romp participants to be able to
visit, as well as a way for others interested in joining in to find out about us.

The email group receives notices about our romps, doodle related events,
doodles needing homes, and other dog related info.  The email group is also
a good resource to ask if someone is looking for feedback on who might be
a good groomer, vet, petsitter, etc. in their area.  A new dog owner can ask
for advice from other doodle owners, who can help answer questions and
offer solutions that they have found helpful.

As of July 2010 there are about 240 people on our email list.  Most are from
Anne Arundel County.  Quite a few are also members of the DC Doodles
group, who attend many of our romps.  There are several from the
Baltimore area, and other surrounding areas as well.

All poodle mixes are welcome to attend our romps (as well as any
non-doodle "siblings").  Being on the email list is not required.  Romps are
posted on the website and may be attended by anyone wishing to join in.  
Please follow all county park rules when you are there.  Each romp
participant is responsible for their own dog's behavior and cleanup.

No RSVP is required to attend a romp.  Just show up.  We'd love to meet
you and your doodle!
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