Bailey is a F1 Goldendoodle, born
11/11/04.  Here he is with a dirty
face after one of his forbidden
passtimes... digging.  His favorite toy
is a blue sheep that baa's when he
chews it, but he loves all toys.

His accomplishments are that he was
the 5000th blood donor dog at the
Eastern Veterinary Blood Bank.  He
also is a therapy dog with P.A.W.S.
(formerly known as
Pets-On-Wheels of Anne Arundel
County) who visits the residents in a
local nursing home.

He has competed in dog agility with
his mom, and loves it, but is
semi-retired at it now.

He earned his Good Doodle Citizen
patch from the International Doodle
Owners Group, for his training, and
volunteer work.

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Bailey spreads some Christmas cheer to his friends at
the local nursing home.
Photo of Bailey competing in
agility was taken by Ken,
doodle-dad of Ziggy and
Maya, who also compete in