Gabbie is an F1 goldendoodle,
born on 5/15/11 at Barleycroft
Kennel.  Her Mom was a blonde
Golden Retriever and her Dad a
white Standard Poodle.

She loves everybody and thinks
every dog is her playmate.  With
two baskets overflowing with
toys, she will seek out her
favorite (at that moment) and by
the end of playtime, there are 5-6
toys laying around me.  She hops
up and down when we go for our she is on a pogo stick
- for about 5 minutes (quite
embarrasing but, funny); uses
her paws like hands to get my
attention; sits on a chair or the
couch with her front paws on the
floor and her butt on the
furniture; sleeps with her two
front paws in the air and can tell
time (as every workday, she will
put her paws up on my office
chair to let me know it is 4:30
PM...quitting time).  She make
me smile...ALL the time.
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