Gordon "Monkey", son of Amy
and Mike of Annapolis, and
inspiration for
www.DoodleSport.com .

Born June 2006, Gordon's dad
was a golden colored labradoodle
and his mom was a black standard

He's a genius like all Doodles...
Tricks include the usual
(sit, stay,
beg, rollover, spin, high five, give
paw, give other paw)
as well as
"big ups"
(jumping into daddy's
arms, which is tough at 60 lbs!)
(sits down and raises both
paws around your neck if you
, catching a cookie off his
nose, getting the remote control,
getting the phone, tag
once you tag him it is more like
"tackle football")
, hide and seek
(he counts to ten) and his favorite
- fetching the paper, which was
really dumb to teach him because
now we can NEVER sleep later
than when the paper arrives on
the weekends.
Gordon with
daddy Mike
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