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Snickers is an SPCA-alumnus
labradoodle who finally found
his forever home with Marj,
Jerry, and Olivia after being
given up twice - at 6 months
and again at 3 years.  He is a
real sweetie, with a bit of
Velcro in his personality, who
just needed a little fine tuning
on some of his obedience skills
- bolting out any opening door
after squirrels (real or
imagined) and barking at our
11 year old grey cat (who
looks and acts pretty squirrelly
at times) were particular
problems he has now

Since he came into our lives in
late September 2006, after the
passing of our beloved 15 year
old mostly black lab Ace, he
has quickly taken over our
hearts - as well as the spaces
under Marj's desk, at the
kitchen table, and next to the
TV room couch formerly
reserved for her feet.  
Snicky-do, as he is
affectionately nicknamed, is a
tennis ball fanatic.  He is also a
big hit at Somerford
Alzheimer's Care, his Pets on
Wheels assignment.