July 28, 2007
at Quiet Waters Park
30 Doodles attended this month's romp:
Bailey C., Bailey K., Snickers, Snickers W., Phinneas, Jersey, Ernie, Sammy, Grover, Mattie, Ellie, Senica,
Bert, Alfie, Maney, Finn, Plato, Peanut, Muffin, Jake W., Corduroy, Summer, Cody, Daisy, Cassie, Cooper,
Liberty, Fenway, Max, and Vito.

Sorry...no group picture this month.  We had people arriving at different times, and going down to the
beach early because of the heat.  We'll try to get one in August or September.
Let's go see who's here!
Expectations of fun.
A romper in action.
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