MARCH 29, 2008
at Broadneck Park
It was a bright, sunny day.  36 doodles attended the romp!

Bailey C., Bailey K., Ginger, Champ, Jersey, Crosby, Wally, Daisy S., Sierra, Hurley,
Quincy, Belle, Sweet Peas, Cody, Daisy, Katie, Snickers S., Snickers W., Fenway, Bert,
Gracie, Beau, Gus, Lilly, Seneca, Finn, Otis, Sadie T., Sadie H., Bella, Lacey, Phoenix,
Winnie, Max C., Ginny, and Molly.
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Come on...give me a kiss-kiss!
Max C. greets a non-doodle.
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