April 18, 2009
at Broadneck Park
It was a BEAUTIFULLY warm and sunny day.  A great time was had by all doodles and their parents.

39 doodles attended this romp:
Gus, Lilly, Tomas, Mateo,Sunny, Gracie P., Barney, Winnie, Izzi, Cody, Lucy, Ellie, Bert, Plato,
Sparkle, Max, Lucy, Millie, Riley, Ziggy, Maya, Botchy, Finn, Lefty, Tenner, Yoda, Bonney,
Daisy B.
Allie, Henley, Winston, Bailey, Bailey C., Champ, Charlie, Sadie, Baci, and Kody.
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Group picture, left side.
Group picture, right
Lining up, middle-left section.
This was our third annual Romp Around the World celebration.  We held a 50/50 raffle to raise money
for the  International Doodle Owners Group's rescue/rehome program for doodles.  The winner of the
raffle got $102,
which he very generously donated back to the doodles, so a check for $204 was sent to IDOG.

Jack from the DC Doodles group took pictures of doodles and their owners to raise more money for
                                                Thank you to all who participated!
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