Dewey Beach, Delaware
May 5th & 6th, 2007
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Romping on the
The second annual   DOODLES IN DEWEY

   In 2006 over 40 doodles met together in Dewey.  For those of you who don't know about the romp,
here is some background:  The idea for Doodles in Dewey began with Fox Creek Kennel's "Doodle
Romp" in Columbia, Maryland in the summer 2005.  Soon after, Amy Scott and her husband were in
Dewey Beach at the time of the "Greyhounds Reach the Beach" weekend - a 10 year old event that draws
thousands of pets and their owners to Dewey.  Eureka!  Let's do a weekend for Doodles...and the idea
grew, as ideas usually do.
   The first doodle weekend started as a way to honor a wonderful man Amy knew in her capacity as a
clinical social worker, who died in 2005 after a long illness.  He was a teacher, a tutor and a dog lover.  
When he became more ill, he often spoke of the comfort of his dogs.  He loved playing with Amy's doodle
Arlo - and the two enjoyed an obvious bond.
   The romp began as an unofficial fundraiser for the
Food and Friends organization, which delivers meals
to homebound people with serious illnesses, and organization that dog lover found so useful.  This year's
romp added the memory of Amy's sister, Daren, who died suddenly in November at age 54.  She
attended the first romp and she loved watching the dogs and knowing the romp was created for a good
cause.  She was planning on attending this year and was in Amy's thoughts and heart throughout the
    While the intent of this romp was serious, everyone expected to have a very fun time!

It was a weekend to have fun with your family and friends as you watched your doodle run free and play
with other doodles on the beach.  The only fee was a $5.00 lifetime Dewey Beach dog license.  (No
donation was required.)

Curious?  Interested in April 26 & 27, 2008?  Need more info?   
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Amy hopes to see you and your doodle in Dewey this April!
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