Maximus was born Dec. 25th 2006
and we had him flown to us from
Ohio when he was 12 weeks.

Maximus is a male F1B Labradoodle
whose mother is a first generation
Labradoodle from Apricot Poodle
and Yellow Lab, and his father is a
standard white Poodle.

His favorite trick...stealing anything he
can and running through the doggie
door out to the yard so you will chase
him.  He learned quickly how to "sit",
"stay", "down", "shake".  He can't
seem to learn "drop it".  He bores
easily and has chewed two pairs of
glasses, credit cards, a wallet, cell
phone, remote control, various shoes
and a whole bunch of clothing.  And
that's when we're home!

Maximus shares our home with three
other members of our canine family, a
Weimaraner, a Cocker Spaniel and a
Daschaund.  Yeah, it's a small zoo.
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Maximus Fluffamus
UPDATE !!! Maximus is now the star of his own
Click Here to see his "Doodles In The Spotlight" page.