Maximus Fluffamus
A book was written by Max's "mom", starring Maximus.
They are also being sold at:  (but are more expensive here)
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Maximus Fluffamus, Adventures of a
Donna MaCauley-Shoemaker
If you are interested in the book, they are being sold for $14.95, plus $2.00 first class
shipping.               (If bought here, will be personally pawprinted by
This is a book written from the eyes, and in the words of Maxi.  It is his
perspective of how
he sees things...not how humans see them.

It is 44 pages, with each page having an actual photo with a storyline.

The book is written for Doodle lovers, and Donna knows that they will
relate to just about everything in the book.  Donna has been told that it is
funny and true to the breed.
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